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New Thermostat Installation Delivers Peak HVAC Efficiency

While you may think of the furnace or AC when you hear HVAC, it’s the thermostat that ensures you enjoy those comfortable temperatures. Thermostats have seen considerable changes recently, evolving into sophisticated devices that not only keep the temperature right but also optimize how you manage it. If you don’t want to be limited to the simple controls of an old thermostat, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

Modern thermostats include all sorts of new features, particularly when you invest in an advanced smart thermostat. These cutting-edge controls improve your options for everyday use and can help you manage indoor air quality or other elements of comfort.

How Are Modern Thermostats Different?

Scheduled Convenience Through Programmable Settings: Many contemporary thermostats come with programmable features, allowing you to schedule temperature adjustments according to your daily routine. This means your home is always at the perfect temperature when you need it.

Energy Efficiency: Newer models should deliver much greater energy efficiency, helping you lower your monthly utility bills and even your environmental impact. More Streamlined Controls: The days of clunky, mechanical thermostat controls are over. Modern models, including all smart thermostats, are designed with user-friendly interfaces that make updating the settings a simple, intuitive process.

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Why Choose a Smart Thermostat? Four Key Benefits

As HVAC technology evolves, smart thermostats have emerged as a favorite for residential and commercial properties. At Arundel Cooling, we’re excited to deliver benefits like these to our customers:


Adaptive programming to suit your lifestyle:

A smart thermostat can get to know how you want to use your HVAC system. It can apply this information to generate a custom schedule that matches your routine. It can monitor your preferences immediately for instant savings.


Control your thermostat remotely with a smart phone or tablet:

If you’ve ever gone on vacation and remembered you forgot to adjust the thermostat, you know just how convenient it is to have wireless access. As long as you have a internet connection, you can monitor your home’s temperature.


Regular alerts for safety and maintenance:

Monitoring your HVAC system’s overall health helps to maintain better performance. Your thermostat can facilitate this by providing you with relevant updates, such as when it’s time to schedule maintenance.


Integration with|Interconnectivity with|Communication with} other smart home accessories:

Did you know another key benefit is that your smart thermostat can be paired with other devices like air quality monitors, home security and more? This system of smart devices creates a unified control system for the entire property.

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Upgrade Your Comfort with Thermostat Installation from Arundel Cooling

As long as your complete comfort is our number one concern, we’re ready to guide you through the process of choosing the right thermostat for your needs. During our complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss various makes and models–including smart thermostats–until you’re certain about your choice. The only thing left is for you to unwind while we handle the installation.

If you’re prepared to explore the future of advanced HVAC controls, get in touch with Arundel Cooling at 888-278-6335 to schedule your free consultation.

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