Boost Reliability, Efficiency with Regular Generator Maintenance

Power outages may strike at any time, and when it does, a trusted backup generator makes all the difference. But how do you ensure that your generator is prepared when you need it most? The answer is simple: routine maintenance from a professional technician. When you invest in maintenance for a backup generator, you can keep it performing at its best and minimize the risk of breakdowns. What’s more, regular tune-ups can also reduce repair costs and help maximize the life span of your equipment.

At Arundel Cooling, we understand the full benefit of routine preventive generator maintenance in Linthicum Heights. Our maintenance visits include many tasks intended to keep your generator in good shape. This means annual inspections, cleaning and a detailed tune-up checklist. Whether you’ve got a brand-new generator or an older model, our maintenance staff has the expertise necessary to handle all your maintenance needs. That includes identifying the most cost-efficient solution, even if that’s new or replacement generator installation.

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How Will Generator Maintenance Help Me?

Generator maintenance is essential to secure your backup power source is always affordable and efficient. During a routine maintenance visit, a technician will complete an inspection and cleaning of the generator’s key components, making any necessary repairs when they notice a problem. This might mean everything from changing the oil to checking the fuel lines. And so, every aspect of how your generator functions is enhanced through comprehensive maintenance.

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5 Tasks We Perform During Generator Maintenance


Changing the Oil and Filters

Consistent oil changes and filter replacements help keep the generator running smoothly. During maintenance, our technicians can change the oil and filters, ensuring that your generator won’t lose efficiency because of an old filter. Consistent maintenance of key elements like this help minimize the risk of premature generator replacement.


Inspecting, Cleaning Fuel Lines

Fuel lines can become clogged or damaged over time, leading to poorer performance or even a breakdown. Inspecting and cleaning the fuel lines helps your generator continue to receive a steady supply of fuel.


Confirming Any Electrical Connections

Trouble with the battery or any electrical connections can prevent your generator from working right. We’ll make sure your generator’s electrical components are in safe, working order.


Assessing the Cooling System

The cooling system in your generator keeps it from getting too hot and helps prolong the life span of your equipment. No matter how your generator is kept cool, we’ll ensure it’s working properly.


Load Testing

Load testing simulates a power outage and checks that your generator can handle the electrical load of your home or business. Load testing is also useful to determine if the existing generator wasn’t sized appropriately before installation. When a generator is incorrectly sized, it can also make the need for generator repair more likely.


Trust the Experts at Arundel Cooling for Generator Maintenance

At Arundel Cooling, we take pride in providing our customers with reliable and efficient generator upkeep services. Our team of trained, insured technicians have the expertise to manage all your maintenance needs, from routine tune-ups to detailed inspections. We work with high-quality parts and equipment to ensure that your generator is always in the best possible shape.

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