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Since we opened our doors in 1971, Arundel Cooling and Heating has helped countless homes across the state of Maryland with their HVAC needs. We provide a wide range of professional services to residential and commercial properties throughout Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Ellicott City, Bowie, and the surrounding areas.  

Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and our team will always go above and beyond to make sure that your home is well cared for. We offer many different services to ensure that your home is safe and comfortable for your entire family. Below are a few of the most common services that we provide to homeowners and business owners in Baltimore and the surrounding area. 

Heating and Cooling System Services

Every property in the Baltimore area has different heating and cooling system needs. Our team is highly trained in every type of heating and cooling system to ensure that you receive the customized care that you deserve. We offer repair, maintenance, and installation services to homes in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Ellicott City, Bowie, and the surrounding areas.  

Here Are Some Of Our Top Systems

  • Split System: Heating and cooling split systems are the most common type of HVAC system and are comprised of two different indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor cooling system is a large air conditioner unit with compressors, refrigerants, and coils that cool the air inside while keeping the stifling air out during the summer months. HVAC heaters are usually installed in the basement or some other storage space with a thermostat to keep temperatures comfortable inside your home.
  • Hybrid split systems: Hybrid HVACs are like split systems but give homeowners the option to switch from gas or oil to electric power. These systems have the major benefit of lowering utility bills by conserving energy. Like regular split system HVACs, hybrids use ducts and thermostats.
  • Duct free (mini-split): A duct-free or mini-split system is a good solution when conventional duct systems aren’t feasible. Duct-free units are usually installed directly into the part of a home where heating and cooling are needed. Because there are multiple indoor air handling units for each outdoor unit, the user has better independent control, making it an appropriate choice for buildings or in homes with families with different temperature preferences.



When you have an HVAC emergency in your home, turn to the certified specialists at Arundel Cooling and Heating. In our many years serving the Maryland area, we have built a reputation for being trustworthy, honest, and courteous. Our Baltimore service technicians take pride in their work and their part in keeping your home comfortable and safe. We also offer several affordable service agreements that are designed to help you maintain your HVAC system, saving you from expensive breakdowns in the future. 


To operate properly, your business needs an efficient heating and cooling system. Whether you own a large apartment complex or a small office space, you need to have a reliable heating and cooling company that you can contact when problems comes up. As a commercial property owner, you may feel like you are on call all the time. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services. If your commercial property is experiencing an HVAC issue, turn it over to Arundel Cooling and Heating. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will be on-site as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry. 


Your HVAC system works hard to keep you and your family comfortable. Regular HVAC system maintenance is key to keeping your system operating properly and preventing expensive breakdowns. You can protect your investment with the help of the experts at Arundel Cooling and Heating. We offer affordable service agreements to help you save on energy costs, avoid costly HVAC system repairs, and ensure that your manufacturer’s warranties stay intact. Click here to learn more! 


At Arundel, we offer more than just expert heating and cooling services. Our team of master electricians offers reliable electrical services to homes and businesses in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Ellicott City, Bowie, and the surrounding areas. We are licensed, highly trained, and ready to handle any electrical issue that you are experiencing. Click to learn more about the electrical services that we provide. 


A power outage in your home is a major inconvenience. Not only does it put life at a standstill, but it can ruin thousands of dollars of groceries in your refrigerator and freezer. With a standby generator, you never have to worry about being without power again. The Kohler Automatic Home Standby Generator provides worry-free power that can support your home for days or even weeks. We understand that a home generator is a big decision, which is why we are prepared to help you choose the best generator for your home and family. 

Air Purification

You protect your home from germs and allergens with frequent cleaning, but what about the air in your home? Many homeowners don’t realize that poor air quality can worsen certain conditions, such as asthma and allergies. At Arundel Cooling and Heating, we offer many different services and products to keep the air in your home healthy and clean, including air purifiers, humidifiers, ventilators, UV lamps, and duct cleaning. Our certified team members are available to answer questions that you might have about these services and provide recommendations for your home. 

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Your home may also have a packaged HVAC system includes the compressor, condenser, and evaporator in one single unit. Packaged HVAC systems are usually placed on the roof or near the foundation of your home. They’re an excellent choice for smaller houses and are very efficient and easy to maintain. Because they’re not as powerful as other options, packaged systems tend to be used in warmer parts of the country and aren’t found as often in Maryland.

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