Room By Room Solutions/Room By Room Solutions - PTAC

Here in Baltimore, we deal with a wide range of temperatures. From hot and humid summer days to brisk winter nights, you need a heating and cooling system for your home that is dependable. Recently, single room HVAC solutions have become more popular because of their affordability and increased energy efficiency. There are many different reasons why you might need to install a single room HVAC solution.

Here are a few of the most common.

  • Inconsistent temperatures: Is there a room in your home or business that no one likes to use because it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? This is common, especially in older homes in Baltimore or homes that have been added on to. Upstairs rooms or additions can receive improper airflow, leaving them uncomfortable for everyone.
  • Renovation or addition: If you are planning to add an extra room to your home or commercial property, you may be looking for a simple way to heat and cool it. Single room HVAC solutions are an excellent way to make sure that the temperatures stay comfortable without investing a great deal of money.
  • Commercial properties: Many commercial properties, such as hotels or apartment complexes, rely on room-by-room HVAC solutions to give residents control over their indoor comfort. Other commercial properties, such as office complexes with multiple tenants can also benefit from a single room HVAC solution.

If you are in need of a room-by-room heating or cooling solution for your home or business, Arundel has the solutions for you! We offer installation and maintenance services for many different single room HVAC systems. Read on to learn more.


PTAC stands for packaged terminal air conditioner, and while this name can be misleading, it’s important to note that this unit can both heat and cool a space. PTACs are commercial-grade HVAC units installed through a wall, usually at the floor level. If you’ve stayed in a hotel room recently, this is often what you will find. Because the unit is entirely in the room, they are often louder than other heating and cooling options. For smaller spaces, such as hotel rooms or small apartments, PTACs are an excellent option. Depending on what model you install, some PTACs can be controlled individually as well as remotely at a central hub, like a front desk or furnace room. PTACs have a connection to the outside air, which means they can ventilate rooms and provide a fresh, outdoor air source. They are efficient and require little maintenance, making them an excellent choice for Baltimore business owners and homeowners alike.


Mini-splits are a ductless heating and cooling device that (like its name suggests) is split into two parts. Unlike the PTAC system, the mini-split is made up of two parts, an outdoor compressor or condenser, and an indoor air handler. Multiple indoor units in varying places can be connected to a single outdoor unit, using a refrigerant line to connect them. Because the compressor unit is placed outdoors, the system is much quieter for the homeowner or tenant. The indoor unit is wall mounted, and it can be placed almost anywhere in the room, unlike the PTAC system. This freedom allows for more aesthetically pleasing placement. Mini-splits are also typically more energy efficient. At Arundel Cooling and Heating, we can help you find a unit with an energy star rating that will keep your property cool and your utility bills low.

Window Air Conditioner

Another option for keeping your space cool is a window air conditioning unit. Before you toss out the idea of a window air conditioner as being outdated, it’s important to note that they can be a very affordable and efficient option, depending on your needs. Window air conditioners are easy to install, often just plugging into a standard electrical outlet. Window air conditioners are also the most affordable option when it comes to room-by-room cooling. Window air conditioning units work best to complement existing air conditioning systems, installed in detached rooms such as garages or upstairs bedrooms. Window air conditioners are not considered to be as aesthetically pleasing as other single room air conditioning options, as they can be bulky and hard to hide. Some homeowner’s associations here in Baltimore do not allow window air conditioning units because of the noise, so it is important that you check before installing. When choosing a window air conditioning unit for your home or business, the size of the unit matters. Consult your knowledgeable HVAC technicians at Arundel to help you find the right unit with the capabilities for your space.

Ready To Upgrade Your Indoor Comfort?

If it’s time to cool that attic bedroom or replace an HVAC unit in your apartment complex, Arundel Cooling and Heating can help you find the single room HVAC solution that you need. Technology is constantly changing, and there are new developments in the efficiency and performance of these units every day. You can rely on our knowledgeable team of HVAC experts to help you find the right unit for your property at the right price. Once you select the best option for your property, our Baltimore team is prepared to provide installation and maintenance services. Don’t be overwhelmed by the many different options on the market. Bring your questions to the pros at Arundel and get on your way to a more comfortable indoor environment.